Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer Tie Dress

This is a different type of flower with a beautiful fabric for this tie dress. There are so many beautiful boutique fabrics on line if there is anything in particular you are wanting. Lots of funky fun prints.

Summer Tie Dress (25$ w/ Flower)

The possibilities of this dress are endless. I love the aqua and orange, you have to appreciate funky to love that one. The black one is an example of one w/o a flower...that one would look good with any color flower. Extra flowers for dresses are 5$.

Personalized Applique shirt (15-18$) and ruffle pants (15-20$)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More summer outfits!!

Summer Outfits!!

Back in Business!!

Hello, I am revamping my blog and getting back into sewing. I have taken a while off and miss it terribly. I have so much fun. Cambelle is getting bigger and I am a bit more experienced that I am going to start sewing again. I just love it. I am going to limit the quantity of orders I take in and I am also going to just offer certain styles of clothing. I am going to start posting several of the outfits that I will be offering to make. I will do pillowcase dresses in all styles and fabrics, a knotted dress, a really cute summer dress and ruffle bottom capris/bermuda shorts/pants of course. Most of my fabrics are boutique fabrics of very high quality I get off line. If you have certain things you are wanting colors/styles let me know and I can probably find it. Most of my dresses will be 25$ under size 6 and ruffle pants/bermuda shorts/capris are 20$. Cambelle's pettiskirt shown at the top of my blog I did make and can make them in all different styles and colors. The fabric is also only available on-line so I will have to custom order all the materials for this, due to this the cost of these are 40$ and include a beautiful flower to match. It is the softest, flowing nylon chiffon material that is not sold in stores. You will never put your little girl in a scratchy tutu again!! I make these a smaller version than the big ones so they can wear them around, get in and out of the car and enjoy them without them being such a hassle as the big pettiskirts.

ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAYED UPON PLACING ORDER. I do try to get all orders complete within 2 weeks. Will notify if any change.

Have a great day!!! Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Princess Frog

This is my second machine appliqued project. I love it of course. I made a dress out of this aqua Tee by adding hot pink minky dot to the bottom. This frog would be perfect for Toad Suck. I have several other frogs that came in this applique set also. I can machine applique these frogs on a shirt you bring me for 12$. Different appliques are different prices depending on the detail of the project.